I Want A Doctor Who…

  • Gets to know who I am instead of just seeing me as his 15 minute appointment
  • Who respects the fact that I know my body better than anyone and really listens to what I have to say
  • Who doesn’t just send me to various “Specialists” when he doesn’t want to take the time to figure out the diagnosis.  The body is complex and different symptoms can be connected to one diagnosis.  Take the time to research all my symptoms to find the answer.  Quality medical care takes more than my 15 minute office time.
  • Who doesn’t use the phrase “try this” and offer a serious prescription without discussing the risks.  I have a right to know.  What you have may be a “practice” but I don’t want to be practiced on.
  • Respect my decision to say no to those with serious warnings.  You would not be the one dealing with the consequences of a bad outcome.  The warnings are there for a reason, don’t downplay them.  I shouldn’t have to purchase them before knowing about the warnings.
  • If I need tests done, tell me what and why and ask about my affordability of them.  Tests, prescriptions, and office visits have out-of-pocket costs for most.  How would you know the effects of healthcare costs on your patients if you never ask.
  • Offer natural alternatives when possible, not all the answers are in a pharmaceutical.
  • Notice when a prescription you gave is causing adverse reactions.  Many doctors don’t even connect the problem with the medications.  How do you report them to the FDA if you don’t connect them?  Even when it’s listed in the warnings, many doctors never notice, and worse, many prescribe medications for patients that are contraindicated with their medical history.  We need to be able to trust you, because our health is in your hands.

If we can work together as a team, our goal should be getting me to the point of being the best and most productive me I can be without causing an early death from medication side-effects that only exists in the fine print.