5 Minutes for Peace

If my spirit could fly, it would stand beside you. Then it would stand between you and your opposition. This is what I would say:

You don’t hate each other

“You do not hate each other. You are neighbors on the earth. At Christmas you may have both tucked your children into bed and felt the joy and love in their soul. You may have both cheered for your favorite sports team last month enjoying your weekend with snacks on the couch.

Did your children do their homework while you felt pride and love for your family? You are both human with hopes and dreams. Chances are, you have not seen each other before today. Would you have become friends if you had met on a train?”

The orders are your choice

Orders can be given. Hitler gave many. But peace is still a choice, you have the ability to choose. No wars can happen or continue without soldiers willing to fight. It takes a stronger soldier to make a friend in times like these.

5 minutes for love

Can you both stop and call loved ones? 5 minutes that you will always remember. Now what if you all did and showed each other the pictures you carry in your wallet as well as your heart? You could decide.

If you took these moments to talk, I have no doubt you would find you have more in common than you have differences. War solves nothing and as the quote goes “The best way to get rid of your enemy is to make them your friend.” Abraham Lincoln

The Reality

If this sounds too fairytale, then let me point out something – this is not a whole country hating another country – this is one man inflicting his past’s pains on others for destruction and power. You both have merely been caught in the consequences of his anger and hurts. “If you don’t heal your wounds, you will bleed on those who didn’t cut you” Putin is bleeding on you all. Don’t hate each other for it.

5 minutes

5 minutes to live. 5 minutes to love. 5 minutes to tell those you love how important they’ve been to you. 5 minutes to say the things you’ve always meant to say. 5 minutes to feel more than just the fear and the pain of this war. Those at home will always remember it, no matter what happens to you.

And then who knows, maybe together you can decide to expand the 5 minutes – in time and with others. This isn’t two countries hating each other. This is one man of Russia wanting it all.

“I don’t want this! My daughter just learned how to walk and I want to be with her.” This is in the heart of a soldier somewhere. You can be certain of that.

Prayers are with you

The world is praying for your peace. We hope you feel it in your hearts.

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