Healthy Steps …. Part 2

The first part focused on removing an unhealthy ingredient from our favorite foods or beverages. A small step that with time can add up to a healthier life.

Now for the fun part …. The addition

Explore ones that are healthy for you and pick a new favorite. For me one example is coconut water. It’s my new favorite drink (other than my morning coffee). And drinking it frequently is actually good for my health. One choice, one item at a time. It becomes a treat you can really feel good about.

There are abundance of choices, from a vegetable pasta, to a tropical fruit. You are the one who gets to pick based on what works for both your taste buds and the needs of your body. Add a simple ingredient such as cinnamon to your coffee, tea or cereal. That one step can even lead to more. Each needs to be enjoyable, to create a lasting habit of health.

Start checking out herbal teas and see which ones address your health issues and that you like the taste of. Even with that there are an abundance of of options, with several trustworthy brands. Elderberry makes a great tea for the immune system and Red Clover addresses bone issues. I have come to love both, with a dab of honey, and even that, is a healthy addition.

Neem supplements have eliminated my need for antibiotics. It is my go-to for infection prevention. Nature has some of the best medicines to heal with. It simply takes doing your own research for your specific needs and an honest conversation with your doctor. You are in a partnership of your health. Treat the relationship that way and you will teach each other valuable things.

Now that you’ve read this (thank you), what comes to mind for you? Start looking and you might surprise yourself, and add a little joy and health in the process.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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