See The Soul

We all have a soul light, some just overlook it. But how does that reflect on who we are?

Listen to what they speak

If you interact with someone for the first time (or even after) are you looking at their differences of skin color? Can you look into their eyes, listen to what they speak? Could you see yourself talking to them over coffee about a joint project that could make the world a better place? If not, could you reflect on why, looking at yourself and not them?

What do you speak?

If your friend introduced you to someone who matters to them, what and who would they see? Would you present them with a “best behavior” front or would that truly represent who you are? What if they were of a different skin color? Would that change your response to meeting them? That’s what they are trying to show you any way they can. PLEASE ponder this and really look at not them, but you. That is the only way change occurs. It has to come from the heart. Examine yours. You can’t be true to you if you don’t really look.

We miss amazing connections

Everyone who has become a valuable friend and confidant was originally a stranger. Sometimes we miss amazing connections because we don’t see them in the light they had. That is our loss. If you meet someone and think less of them simply because of what you see and not who you see, you miss out on some incredible inspiration. There are jewels among them that are bright and beautiful.

Cheating yourself

You may be cheating yourself out of your destiny. We are all meant for something special. It only takes that one right connection. You have no idea who the universe will send for you. Considering yourself better than others may block that connection. Then the issue would really be you, not them. Is that who you are, or do you look for the shine in others? Perhaps there is a mindset that needs adjustment in yourself.

Black History Month

Those who’s eyes sparkle with pride in Black History Month, I applaud you for your strength and beauty in all you are. I am a better me because of your inspiration and I thank you for that. Those of you with quality of character, knowing who you are despite the many challenges along the way, celebrate like the joy you were meant to be. Know that there are many fully behind you of every color.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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