The Shatter of Suicide

The pain you feel….

You feel the world would be better off without you.  You feel unloved, inadequate and inferior.  The pain you feel has brought the darkness over the light deep in your soul.  You no longer realize it’s still there – but you are wrong.

Do you have a family you think doesn’t really care if you’re around?  Friends you talk to now and then that just wouldn’t be able to understand if you tried to explain how you feel?  Those are the ones you will scar.  It won’t be a temporary grief that fades with time like you believe.  That is what a life lived does at the end.  Even when the grief remains, the heart draws towards the precious memories, as it should be.

Suicide leaves a different scar….

But suicide leaves a different scar.  It sears like fire and the wound festers in the soul.  They will question their own worth, haunted by why they didn’t see and save you and blame themselves for your choice.  It can darken their lights and it can change them in who they feel they are and how they see life.

Those without enormous strength can crumble from the weight and become a skeleton of who they were.  They follow you down the darkened path and their light dims from the pain.

Don’t let your light go out….

Don’t let your light go out.  Find someone you see that has a sadness to them and help brighten their light and do it like your life depends on it.  I promise you it will help light your own.  Keep going and keep doing that and it will bring you to your true path.

Add a little (or a lot of) prayer for good measure.  You have a purpose – you matter.  You just need to find it.  What if your help saves someone else and helps them find their purpose?  I guarantee it’s a possibility.

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