Second Letter To Vladimir Putin…

You are living in your pain and anguish and your actions show that to the world. You are feeling like life is closing in on you. We need you to face your humanity. To deny it only hurts you more. The only view you see is that you will defend yourself at the cost of all others, and you are not bluffing.

The truth of the matter…

But there is a truth you are refusing to see. One that needs to be pointed out to you and to the world. You have the power to stop it all. With one declaration from you of a cease war, it will end all of what is going on. Your very own words would end the threat you see for yourself. And it would be the bravest thing that you’ve ever done in your life.

You may never become a hero to those you have already hurt, but to the parent who stays up through the night worrying that their children will be the next to be sacrificed – they will be grateful for your strength to have the guts to stop this. Once we admit we were wrong – we aren’t wrong anymore.

Make no mistake – all this is on you because you are the aggressor and peace is literally in your hands. But you can’t feel it because you haven’t had it in your heart. Even with the power you have, happiness still alludes you. Stop and think of the possibilities of what peace can accomplish if that were your focus. Destroying others will never lead to peace of the soul it only feeds the ego that can never be satisfied. Why is it better to create destruction instead?

The why of it all ….

Your why is very important – facing it will require integrity because the answer is inside, not in the possession you seek of other land. You are not the man and leader you still have the ability to become. Do you have the courage it takes to serve your soul instead? Hitler did not – and only those who live in their wounds admire his legacy. The rest of the world sees him as a monster in human form to this day.

We understand that you are powerful – but can you really see what your power has created? Death and destruction to both sides. You can’t ignore that. It will take much more courage to stop this, than it does to escalate the destruction.

He who wishes to fight must first count the cost” Sun Tzu

Your actions are hurting those you lead, you must see that. What is the best course of action for the greater good of your own people? The true measure of a leader can be seen by the answer to this question: “Is your legacy one that evil benefits from?” If it is, it is your responsibility to change that. While you are still here, you still can. Now is the time for you to change course and you will have sent a powerful message of true courage.

Hope ….

Do you have that? I pray you have the strength to become a true legend. The world needs you to find it inside yourself. Oh how I wish your own eyes could see and your ears could hear the message in the words I’ve written here! But I have hope like the depth of the seas that you will find the strength to do this and start to heal your soul. I have hope that the ripples of light energy here will have an impact – no matter how they get to you or by whom. Words touching a soul will touch others and the ripple widens. Perhaps someone who reads this will carry it forward even if only in their thoughts at first. Maybe then into seeds of a brighter future filled with peace. Who knows? Maybe prayers will come out of this for you from the world that reach your soul. What will you do when it does?

Written by Melody Belliveau

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