Happy Birthday Dad

If I Could talk to you today……………………….

I would tell you I didn’t get enough time with you. We never got a chance to just sit down and really talk about the important things. I know you loved me, I don’t think I ever questioned that. I always knew. You were a humble man, and simply a farm boy at heart. I know the things you sacrificed for me. You were the reason I saw pride in the Blue-Collar worker you were. I am proud of the example you set of hard work. You always did. You showed me the meaning of responsibility.

But there are so many things in my life I would have loved to have talked to you about. It would have been great to get your advice on a lot of things. I would have asked you about what lessons you learned from mistakes we’ve all made in life.

Distance put a hardship on that and I missed the ability to spend time with you. I lost you before the Alzheimer’s set in. I lost you when you lost your hearing and phone conversations were frustrating to us both. I missed you then. I didn’t get to come see you in your final days and I will regret that the rest of my life. You did matter to me.

I hope I make you proud. I have taken wrong roads in the journey of my life and had to climb some serious mountains to keep going, and I still am. I promise you, I may pause, but I will never quit. I know my purpose in life. Maybe yours was to have children that can help make the world a little bit better. We are a persistent bunch! We have all struggled through life’s challenges and have come out stronger, just as you did.

Everyone who knew “Frenchy” knew he had a good heart. That is the legacy I hope to carry forward for you. I love you Dad, very much! If you ever want to show me you’re around, feel free because your love is always with me anyway. There came a time I needed to hear it from you, and you knew. “Just remember one thing kid. I love you”. I remember Dad. I always will.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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