“Forgive them for they know not what they do”  The same people that are stating they believe this is all overblown may end up being some of the very ones that have to watch someone they care about struggle to gasp for a breath.  They are not going to be immune to feeling the anguish of realizing they could have been the carrier that gave it to them in the first place.  This virus isn’t affected by what you believe.  That friend that you’ve been with that was sick with what you brush off as a nuisance flu, may have turned YOU into the carrier  that brought it home to your wife.

This pandemic IS a big deal, just ask the medical profession.  They are risking their own exposure to treat patients without having the necessary protective gear.  They have gotten to the point of desperation that has made them take to social media begging the public for masks, gloves and sanitizers, on top of begging the government for more test kits.

Kudos to those having the patience and the strength while sick to go through the hoops it takes to even get tested.  They wait on hold for an hour, days to be told where to go, and then finding their way to the place that lead you to the testing site while handling you like you have the plague (they don’t want to spread it either).  After all that, they go home and wait day after day suffering and waiting for test results, consumed with thoughts of who they might have given it to and whether they will even survive.  Even those that were otherwise healthy (think of your worst case of the flu) may have to fight hard.  Yes most will recover, but they are not running out of beds and respirators because they are coddling patients.  It’s a question of survival.  Many will recover but some may go through a time they aren’t sure of whether they will.

All of us are potential carriers right now walking around others not knowing who we see that we might pass it to. That hard working Mother of four that has to put that item back you handled but changed your mind about and just put down in a different isle.  It could be the cashier that has to scan your cold sweating bottle of soda after you coughed in your hand (not being dramatic, after all, you have allergies so that must be all it is) and then handled it.  Are you okay with being the link that causes her to lose her asthmatic mother that takes care of her children while she works?  Just because you will never know doesn’t make it any less of a possibility.  Your belief in it being overblown will not save anyone.

You don’t need to shop for home decor right now and some stores won’t close unless it becomes mandatory or unless their customers take this seriously and STAY HOME!  This isn’t about politics or your beliefs, it’s about saving lives and assisting the medical profession in keeping up with those that are sick so we don’t lose more people than we have to.

BE RESPONSIBLE!   Stay home if you can, in defense of others!

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