Happy Holidays

In the recent years the battle has been plaguing our holiday season where many are offended by any holiday greeting that doesn’t include saying “Merry Christmas”.  Politically correct “Happy Holidays” are expressed to avoid offending anyone, especially those who do not believe in Christmas, or more specifically, Christ.  Unfortunately it offends those who feel strongly about Christmas being the true holiday expression.

There is a third option, of those of us that love Christmas and feel the magic of it both in spiritual and family traditions; but also would like to include the ones they, as well as others, enjoy also.  From the approaching Thanksgiving dinner they enjoy so much, to the celebration of New Year’s Eve they plan as well, “Happy Holidays” includes them all.

So when someone greets you with a smile Jesus would even be proud of, please feel the warmth it was intended to give.  And if you lack the holiday spirit because of your life situation, there are always things you can do in your community that can feed your soul by feeding that warmth to others.

Happy  Holidays!

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