Christmas 2020

Some of us know what it’s like this year:

To be too poor to afford Christmas presents or the traditional Christmas feast for those we love. More than ever before, many needed to depend on donations from others to keep the next generation believing in the magic of Christmas. They are grateful and bruised at the same time. But they are here, and there is always Hope for a brighter future. One where you look back, and find gratitude in the fact that you made it through. The lesson will be to pay it forward when you are no longer the one in need.

To be missing those who were here last year. The pain will be one that will not be ignored. But with that pain, comes the same intensity of love that is part of the legacy they leave behind, and will be always in your heart. There is no greater honor than a permanent place in your heart.

To be alone this year because of the risk that gathering poses. Many will have a digital presence only, without the warmth of the hugs they long for. But at least there are now many options of Zoom, FaceTime and Messenger video besides the simple phone calls of the past. Perhaps reaching out to someone who may be alone as well can warm your heart too.

When the calls have been made and you are alone once more, treat yourself to a little celebration of your own. Spend the time being your own best friend. If you had a friend who was exactly like you (so you know what they would enjoy) what ways would you wish for them to enjoy the holiday? How would you want them to treat themselves? Speak It To Yourself

To be in the military, just know that you really do matter. You will be in more people’s prayers today than most days of the year. You are on their minds and in their posts reminding others that you are there. Take comfort in that and let its warmth comfort your soul.

We all have a web of feelings this year. It’s not a typical Christmas by far. Feel what you need to feel; sadness, pain, and whatever else this year has brought, but please remember to include Hope and know that you matter. I pray that if you are reading this, you believe it is not by accident, you were meant to see this message. Take it in and let it feed your soul. I believe you are loved by God and my prayer for you is for you to know it too. That is the true meaning of what this holiday is all about.

Merry Christmas & God Bless You All!

Written by Melody Belliveau

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