New Year’s Eve

The Threshold….

New year’s Eve is the in-between or doorway of an end and a beginning. A time for reflection of lessons to bring more hope for a brighter future. To examine the real why’s of our lives. Why we had the experiences we had and why we made the choices we made. Then we plan the choices we would like to make for the future. It’s the essence of why so many make a New Year’s Resolution. The test of them is developing a habit of them before they become a faded memory of promising change. It starts with a conscious effort that only succeeds when you put an energy of commitment behind it and feed it.

Instead of a typical Resolution list, perhaps some of these might help make your New Year brighter, and the more frequency you put into them, the brighter your year can be.

Each Day (or at least frequently)

Say thank you to God – even if it’s just for waking you up to another day. Beginning a day with gratitude can help you create an uplifted mindset right from the beginning of your day.

Learn something new – Even if it’s as simple as learning something new about your phone. If you have more time than that, there are podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos for everything from TEDx Talks to Energy Healing (Mind Valley has some great ones) and you can choose what resonates with you.

Remember something old – whether it’s as simple as a favorite song you haven’t heard in ages, or a precious moment with someone who will always have a special place in your heart.

Set boundaries of respect for yourself and include your self talk – defend you like you would a good friend. You need to believe you matter.

Do something that makes you feel accomplished – It can be as small as getting fully dressed (even though they won’t know on Zoom) or as in-depth as cleaning out your car or your closet. Make it enjoyable by putting on a playlist of songs you like. (everything goes better with music)

We spend so much time working for others that showing ourselves we matter is a task left off our to-do lists way to often. It is just as important to feed your soul as your job and even more important than your typical Resolution. Put more you into your coming year than just running the rat race of your life. Tell yourself you are worth it, because God believes you are, and so do I.

Happy New Year and God Bless!

Written By Melody Belliveau

Christmas 2020

Some of us know what it’s like this year:

To be too poor to afford Christmas presents or the traditional Christmas feast for those we love. More than ever before, many needed to depend on donations from others to keep the next generation believing in the magic of Christmas. They are grateful and bruised at the same time. But they are here, and there is always Hope for a brighter future. One where you look back, and find gratitude in the fact that you made it through. The lesson will be to pay it forward when you are no longer the one in need.

To be missing those who were here last year. The pain will be one that will not be ignored. But with that pain, comes the same intensity of love that is part of the legacy they leave behind, and will be always in your heart. There is no greater honor than a permanent place in your heart.

To be alone this year because of the risk that gathering poses. Many will have a digital presence only, without the warmth of the hugs they long for. But at least there are now many options of Zoom, FaceTime and Messenger video besides the simple phone calls of the past. Perhaps reaching out to someone who may be alone as well can warm your heart too.

When the calls have been made and you are alone once more, treat yourself to a little celebration of your own. Spend the time being your own best friend. If you had a friend who was exactly like you (so you know what they would enjoy) what ways would you wish for them to enjoy the holiday? How would you want them to treat themselves? Speak It To Yourself

To be in the military, just know that you really do matter. You will be in more people’s prayers today than most days of the year. You are on their minds and in their posts reminding others that you are there. Take comfort in that and let its warmth comfort your soul.

We all have a web of feelings this year. It’s not a typical Christmas by far. Feel what you need to feel; sadness, pain, and whatever else this year has brought, but please remember to include Hope and know that you matter. I pray that if you are reading this, you believe it is not by accident, you were meant to see this message. Take it in and let it feed your soul. I believe you are loved by God and my prayer for you is for you to know it too. That is the true meaning of what this holiday is all about.

Merry Christmas & God Bless You All!

Written by Melody Belliveau

Real Service

Regardless of what circumstances you are in, poor or wealthy, disabled or healthy, there is always someone you can help.

This is focused on Veterans

The holidays are upon us and people are starting to feel something Veterans and their families have felt intensely with no notice from us. They are apart from loved ones, sacrificing time in their lives to keep us safe. Can you do something besides waving a flag? Of course you can! You choose…..


The above video (please watch it) lists numerous organizations you can contact and offer assistance to, in whatever way and for however amount of effort and time you decide. You choose…..

If you are Blessed with money, you can purchase these and donate one or more to a Veteran’s organization or even a homeless Veteran sleeping in a cardboard box on the city streets. It could make the difference between life and death and it could have the impact of giving them hope that maybe, just maybe, they do matter after all.

If not the suit, then the Woobie, available on Amazon for instance, is a lined, wet-weather poncho that gives both physical comfort and shows their sacrifice at the same time. Ask a Vet you know about them. You choose…..

Can’t financially do that? How about creating a care package? Contact a Veteran’s Administration for a list of needed items and addresses. You choose…..

Can’t do that? How about buying some stamps and mailing some platoons an encouraging letter for Christmas and maybe even enclosing some stamps for them as gifts. You choose…..

If you would rather donate time, volunteers are always in need for a variety of tasks. Have an organizing talent? Get some companies to sponsor a drive for the above options or come up with your own ideas. The possibilities are only as limited as you make them. You choose…..

Not a doer? Say a prayer and then share this post. You never know who you could reach that could run with the ideas. But choose…..

“I don’t even like company coming anymore” says one mother of an overseas soldier, “anytime a car comes up the driveway, I’m scared it will be a Chaplin. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare”. There is always something we can choose to do to show our support.

These are just examples of what you can do to help, and ways to do it. They matter. Let them know that. You have the power. They choose for you, so you have a choice to choose for them. So choose…..

Written by Melody Belliveau

#MelodysEyes #Veterans #WeAreAllInThisTogether

Happy Birthday

I don’t think you could possibly understand just what we are missing. My heart aches for our absence today. This is the only way I can allow myself to reach out and yet I will probably never even know if you see it. That breaks my heart. Regardless of that, you will always be in my heart and no amount of anger or pain could ever change that for a child. But I have written this through tears because the fact is, I really don’t know if I truly am in yours. Have I ever really been? The answer will more than likely never be known.

I grew up knowing that I did not have that something special. Rather I was a serious burden. That belief shaped many of the mistakes I have made in my life. I am not trying to hurt you, I am trying to reach your soul. There are others who feel as I do and my soul hurts for them. The inner child who sits wounded year after year with no one to notice. She is in you too, and I see your pain. You need to see her. Understand that she is relevant and heal her wounds. The anger you hold inside is a scar you’ve never faced and you don’t even see it.

I wish I could share my climb with you, along with the struggles and the triumphs. I wanted to share what’s going on in my life. I wanted to be able to talk, really talk, about everything and I’m sure you need that too.

I hope you find something today that feeds your heart and gives you the peace every soul needs. I pray you find a way to heal and find your true path. You still have a God-given purpose.

Happy Birthday

A Matter Of Choice

We have a great opportunity here that we are wasting. Freedom to choose not to wear a mask vs those who feel it should be a nationwide mandate for safety concerns has been an ongoing conflict. It has become a political vs health battle. So how do we spin it into an opportunity? How can you get behind it if you are against it? Screaming health at you won’t work. Freedom of choice is too dominant in your position. What if your freedom of choice is the answer?

Everyone has a cause they believe in from pet adoption to Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Research. Shriner’s Hospital and Veteran organizations are great examples. What if we made our masks a message of that? You would be able to show everyone who sees you the cause you stand behind. Awareness and donations to your choice of support could go up as a result. Remember the success the bucket challenge had for ALS? It’s a win-win situation. We could take this conflict and turn it into something the whole world could take notice of and set an unprecedented example moving forward.

Shut-ins with high risk could become our new Betsy Rosses with a talent and a purpose that could even have the effect on them of building their immune systems. Where is the downside?

Compassion not contempt

The Unseen

I grew up with American pride in my country, pledging Allegiance to the Flag and singing the Star Spangled Banner with the words coming straight from my heart. Anything less seemed un-American. I was proud of my country. The 4th of July was always a big celebration when I was growing up. Home of the Free and the Brave.

But this year is different. We are the country with the most cases of a world-wide pandemic. Much of the country cancelled celebrations as a safety measure. It’s a virus that’s unseen until it causes suffering with the ability to kill. It has been successful at reaching around the globe. We are at the present time, banned from entering many other countries because of our status. Hard to take pride in us being the country with the most. We have people unwilling to even wear a mask to slow the spread. Do the people in other countries do the same? One should wonder.

Our second virus has been around since the beginning. It is one that is poisonous to the soul and it is denied until it is extreme. They don’t say with pride “I’m proud to be a racist!” even when it is in their hearts enough to be questioned by others. They tout it only when in each others presence, but they speak of it to us in their actions feeling somehow that is more acceptable then the words. So far they have been right.

We are in a nation where it has spread over the years like poison ivy, going unnoticed until one more infected member of a police force took it to the fatal extreme even while being recorded. Even he doesn’t yell “I’m a racist!” to those he faces. This is an injustice we all need to recognize. Once it’s seen it cannot be unseen and not acknowledging it is a nod of approval to the actions.

We could be a great nation. We have some incredible people who make up this country. The only way we are going to do that is to actually become United with Liberty and Justice for all as we pledge to. We have to start somewhere.

For the first time in my life, today makes me sad, not proud.

For Our Protection

As a high risk member of our community, I have just started venturing outside of our home. It’s a risky thing. I use a mask to protect those I come in contact with (along with social-distancing, just in case I am an asymptomatic carrier) because whether you believe it or not, it is still being spread.

But I will be mindful of places where people are not wearing masks to protect me. I will not go there a second time until guidelines suggest I no longer need to be protected from you.

You want to resume a somewhat normal life, but you need to understand, we do as well. It’s not about politics. It’s about not spreading a virus that has the power to kill. When you choose not to wear a mask, you are not saying “I am not afraid of this virus!”, you are in fact saying “It does not matter to me if I give it to you”. If you feel that way, whether I want to be or not, I cannot be in your presence. That infringes on my rights. You are protecting me, not just yourself.

Please, we want to resume grocery shopping, going to the laundromat, and worshiping at church. If too many of you are not wearing masks, we are more at risk than we should be and then we have to stay home and that’s not fair, especially if we really need to go.

Ask yourself, if you needed surgery right now, would you be comfortable with those in the operating room NOT wearing masks? Please stop and think about it and do what you know is right.

Compassion not contempt

Do We Get It Yet?

A friend of mine expressed his aggravation and puzzlement on why the protests are lasting so long. He thought 7 nights was long enough. “We get it. Protest but not all the destruction that has occurred”. I was puzzled about the destruction too and recently commented that on a news post to which another reader replied that maybe I didn’t truly understand their protest after all. He had a point.

I went about trying to explain to him the point they were trying to make, and opened my own eyes a little more in the process.

They are tired of being afraid of losing their lives simply because of the color of their skin. Racism is something we should be LONG past in this melting pot called America.

I went about trying to explain to him that, to the people who have been dealing with the racism year after year, 7 nights is nothing compared to what they’ve been living with. I told him it shows just how angry they are. I think they feel that if all they did was peaceful protest, it would just be ignored. They want us to understand that this all needs to stop. We can’t get that if we don’t have anything to feel that way about. It’s a demand for action. They have been dealing with life-threatening situations over and over.

They have lost lives with no end in sight simply because of the color of their skin. That doesn’t make it a free country for them and that’s wrong! They are correct, this needs to stop now. Their anguish, and desperation needs to be seen and felt. They are trying to show us the sheer velocity of what they are going through.

I could not condone violence or burning the store you get your milk and chips from, but maybe I understand it just a little bit more. This is on us all. We need to treat each other as fellow human beings who are no better than anyone else regardless of our skin color. We all have hopes and dreams. Isn’t that why we made Martin Luther King Jr Day a holiday?! It really is time we get it.

Compassion not contempt

Memorial Day

Most people make plans to celebrate Memorial Day with BBQ’s and beach days with family and friends.  This year was different for the majority of our country.  No matter how you spent it, take a moment to reflect on the brave men and women who lost their lives serving for the good of their country.  How selfless an act to give your life for others!

Let us take pause to reflect on that, for that is the true meaning and purpose of Memorial Day.  With appreciation, thank you to those who served their country and literally gave it their all.