A friend of mine tried to explain the beauty of the morning to me.  It was special to him and he wanted to share it with me.   Although I joined him in enjoying it a time or two, I’ve just never been a morning person.

Those who know me, know I’m naturally a night owl.  I am more awake in the wee hours of the morning BEFORE my bedtime routine.  Five AM is a fable to me after finally falling asleep at two AM.

But I’ve seen it and the beauty it beholds:

I was a child; a preteen or a few years older.  I took a trip with my Father to my Uncle & Aunt’s  house in Vermont.  You would think it was not so great for my allergies to farm animals and my asthma.  But it was just that, that had me awake when the sun came up.  I was sitting up near the window, with breathing a challenge.  I watched out the window as the light slowly appeared and revealed the early morning mist over the fields.  It was so beautiful!  The rest of the world seemed asleep and mother nature was showing herself to me.  I felt connected, and it was something I have never forgotten.  It’s what morning people feel when they try to change your morning habits.

Oh, I have my intentions to do just that.  My bio’clock disagrees.  But if I’m giving up a better way to start my day just to have late night TV time, I’m cheating myself letting it win.  I will succeed in changing it at some point.

I have a life I’m envisioning and I’m working on getting there, even if the progress is at the speed of the turtle.  After all. he did win the race.

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