Thank you!

I’ve been through so much on this journey of life.  Some of it profoundly intense (both good and bad); but if I had to lose even one of those moments that take your breath away (and I have been blessed with many), I would not change a moment of my suffering.

The bad only serve to show the sheer beauty of the good and to give those who help a chance to feed their soul and let their lights shine through.  For each of the bad times, someone was there to help me get through it, leaving ripples of blessings in their lives.  Humanity needs that, especially now.

My hope is that there are very few that didn’t see my appreciation for them.  I do look back and value them.  They are blessings that, as memories, can still make me smile.  Thank you all for being there.  If our paths should cross again, I shall try my best to show you I do value you.

Thank you!

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