Instead of focusing on me,  our communities have so many people filled with talent but are isolated by both financial limitations and health issues that keep them stuck in their homes and distanced away from the passion of life.  So much talent locked away and then gone when they are.  It’s either you, or someone you know.  If only we could harness it as a community.  Create some sort of a needs and resources group that can utilize those talents.  Maybe you are a widow who spends most of your time watching tv in your pajamas with no thrive left in you.  Back in your day you were an amazing seamstress or grant writer.  Could your community use your help?

John F. Kennedy was famously quoted as saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  That stands true until your brain can no longer function.  You need to thrive.  You need more than past times to use up your days, and if you are still here, you still have a purpose.

This group should look first at what needs the community has and what part of the populations can address it.  Is their a big volume of ailing seniors that need yard work done but they can’t do it alone?  What age group is accessible to do the work as a community service?  Do the seniors in need have other talents that could be valuable to others?  Of course they do once we start thinking outside the box and stop thinking only of cash.

This blog will be focusing on you and your abilities that you may have forgotten you have.  You are a valuable person who may or may not know it and you have something to give, please know that.  There is always something you can teach others, even if it’s as simple as sharing your wisdom or reading to someone.  Your job is to figure out what it is.

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