The Community Of America

Purple is not a primary color, but rather a blend of red and blue, creating a beauty of it’s own. It is time for our country to do the same with the red and blue, and become the country we call the United States.

Online congratulatory posts are littered with fear, hate, and contempt comments that show the sad state of division. It is time to start seeing each other with compassion and unity that the premise of our country is supposed to be about. We cannot look at our neighbors with contempt and claim Patriotism or a love of Christ.

It is time we look past the red and blue and see the beauty of our blend. The election is over and we’ve done our part. Whether you are Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is you are an American, and for the sake of our nation, we need to make the best of it and focus on what we can do to make our communities and our country a better place. Shine your soul light to the world and help others do the same. Lay down your anger and and help make our country a better place. We are all in this together.

#CompassionNotContempt #CommunitySupport #MelodysEyes

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