Just Chillin……

Some of us have spent our shelter-in-place time in high anxiety.  Many felt lazy not being able to function the way they had been; especially if they had a busy schedule before.  The rat race has often been difficult to keep up in, with down time being a distant dream.  Instead, idle time made them nervous and uncomfortable.  One only had to get a peek of the outside world to see the results.  People are more aggressive and mean, and it shows in their behavior.

If we were lucky enough though, we learned to add some quality Chill time that may have been missing or minimal before.  We found the time to simply conversate with each other, whether in person, FaceTime, Zoom,  or a phone call.  It was quality time and attention.  That is something we have gained through this.

There are even those who started researching ways to improve their health just in case they got hit with the virus.  Improving your health is always a good thing.  Many have gone online looking to learn new things with free webinars and courses or careers they now had the time to pursue.  It’s a time we can use to pause and reflect on our true goals and dreams.

One of the best parts of this time is learning how to enjoy just chillin with favorite music putting your feet up feeling simply you!  If you have experienced any of this, I urge you to hold on to whatever parts you valued, and make room for that when you resume what’s now being called “a normal life”.

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