The struggles of Love’s Expressions

It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend

For many however, it seems to be filled with drama of miscommunication in what expressions of love can truly mean. Hearts are wounded and souls are cut where in general things are good, but…. Do you have a good foundation but….If you really believe you are soulmates or at least a foundation of a quality love and you are going through a struggle of views, ask yourself if you are holding any baggage in your hands when you are seeing your point of view.

Attack on your sincerity

You see it as harassment and an attack on your sincerity of the relationship. You don’t want to go down that hole of always feeling like you need to be on the defense. They should know how you feel and you shouldn’t be pushed into reminding them. That’s your boundary.

What they need

They see it as an emotional connection that their soul needs. Why should expressing that create a problem?! A soulmate or love feeds each other’s souls. How do they handle this boundary of communication? Would you really prefer they didn’t tell you their need? Is it better for them to keep that need inside and create a wound you don’t even realize exists? They are in a lose-lose situation. Where do they set the boundary of getting their needs met?


Just perhaps you might see… If their need were for food, you would be upset if they stayed silent and went without. You would want to take care of them. Their soul needs food too, and you, because of their love for you, have the unique position to feed them this. Do you really rather they go hungry?

If you believe you are soulmates, or you simply love each other and are together – this may be the need that needs attention. If you’re not sure, it’s a good place to start. Make it a Happy Valentine’s Day, at least in the bond you share.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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