New Year’s Eve

The Threshold….

New year’s Eve is the in-between or doorway of an end and a beginning. A time for reflection of lessons to bring more hope for a brighter future. To examine the real why’s of our lives. Why we had the experiences we had and why we made the choices we made. Then we plan the choices we would like to make for the future. It’s the essence of why so many make a New Year’s Resolution. The test of them is developing a habit of them before they become a faded memory of promising change. It starts with a conscious effort that only succeeds when you put an energy of commitment behind it and feed it.

Instead of a typical Resolution list, perhaps some of these might help make your New Year brighter, and the more frequency you put into them, the brighter your year can be.

Each Day (or at least frequently)

Say thank you to God – even if it’s just for waking you up to another day. Beginning a day with gratitude can help you create an uplifted mindset right from the beginning of your day.

Learn something new – Even if it’s as simple as learning something new about your phone. If you have more time than that, there are podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos for everything from TEDx Talks to Energy Healing (Mind Valley has some great ones) and you can choose what resonates with you.

Remember something old – whether it’s as simple as a favorite song you haven’t heard in ages, or a precious moment with someone who will always have a special place in your heart.

Set boundaries of respect for yourself and include your self talk – defend you like you would a good friend. You need to believe you matter.

Do something that makes you feel accomplished – It can be as small as getting fully dressed (even though they won’t know on Zoom) or as in-depth as cleaning out your car or your closet. Make it enjoyable by putting on a playlist of songs you like. (everything goes better with music)

We spend so much time working for others that showing ourselves we matter is a task left off our to-do lists way to often. It is just as important to feed your soul as your job and even more important than your typical Resolution. Put more you into your coming year than just running the rat race of your life. Tell yourself you are worth it, because God believes you are, and so do I.

Happy New Year and God Bless!

Written By Melody Belliveau

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