A Lighthouse To Serve….

Sadies’s Purpose

“Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.” Rick Warren What a powerful testament to purpose of service. It makes you a lighthouse in the darkness for others. It becomes a bright soul light.

Amanda Knight is a shining example with a cause that comes from immeasurable pain into a purpose of light for others. Her wound and her daughter’s life created a lighthouse for others called Sadie’s Purpose. The water bottle in the picture above can be found on her website, along with many other options to help others who become way too familiar with the hallways and the nurses of the NIC units of hospitals. The mission is to provide support packs to NICU families that will help them focus less on essentials and more on what matters most – helping their baby get well! She has also created a blog, TheButterBeanLegacy.com to help support it with the beauty of nature filled with recipes, natural living tips, gardening, and so much more.

I’m asking you to look because we’re all in this together. Even if you have never experienced it, you may be connected to someone who has or is, even if you don’t realize it. A boss, a coworker, your cashier…. you never know sometimes.

Some feel alone and lost in the pain dealing with every part of the struggle. This is Amanda’s way of easing the burdens by just a bit and helping them know they are not alone…that someone does care. It needs awareness and support to reach and help more families. Your one action, a share, a like, or a purchase has the ability to spread this light further. On that I ask you to not simply scroll on by, but to check it out and share the light. It can create an impact.

Thank you Amanda, for your courage through incredible pain. For your efforts to be that light for others. For your ability to turn pain into beauty. Thank you for pairing with your daughter’s soul to create a light of helping others. May God Bless all you do.



And the Amazon wishlist, where you can order items for the support packs directly if you prefer:


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