The New Divide

Although the pandemic has shown us it’s a small world and we are all in this together, it also became a source of conspiracy theories and mandates as well. Not wearing masks became a political statement and lockdowns for safety were met with protests and even violence.

Now we have a new divide…

Those who are vaccinating, and those who won’t. Families are being torn and friendships are being lost, because personal beliefs are no longer a value to those vaccinated. They see the unvaccinated as a threat, pitting man against man and friend against friend. So who is in the right? Perhaps they both are right, and both are wrong. Let’s sit in the middle and see how…

The New Freedom

When our numbers started going down we had mask mandates and the new vaccines were being administered. But the mask mandate was lifted with an “honor system” and people started feeling the threat was over. We did not give the virus a chance to die out, but merely a chance to adapt. Going without masks gave it a chance to climb once more, and not only for those unvaccinated, but through those vaccinated who thought their risk was over as well.

So to those viewing the unvaccinated as a threat to society and willing to sacrifice family and friendships over it, consider this…..

If they are social distancing and wearing masks but you are not, you may be the bigger threat. It is a fact that you can catch and spread Delta fully vaccinated. Choosing not to wear a mask or social distance simply because you are not mandated to, does not keep you from catching and spreading it. You feeling the freedom of vaccination is an issue and does not lessen your ability to spread it.

Those who took the jab feel a sense of service to their community and loved ones. Are they being brave and selfless? Absolutely, but wearing masks and following guidelines for all makes them even more so.

Until next year rolls around, (and if they accurately keep track) we won’t know the true effective rate of the vaccines, just as the way we judge each seasons flu shot effectiveness when the season has faded out.

This is all still a new experience for us all, both with COVID as the world has struggled, so the vaccines are as well. There are plenty of uncertainties and questions to go around. What we don’t need is anger and feuding on either side about your choice. Just use the precautions that are becoming evident both sides need. Follow your belief, but always be open to learning more. We all need moral support at this time.

Will you be part of those that practice compassion freely, or will you be part of the fire that burns us down? Each and every one of us has a role to play. Make yours an intentional one. How you treat others doesn’t stop with the ones we agree with, it’s more importantly those we don’t.

This is another chance to show what we’re made of. Do we really want it to be hate? Each of us decides for ourselves, regardless of what we’ve heard or how we feel. Compassion not contempt.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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