Memorial Day – A day of Reflection

This year Memorial day falls on the day many prefer to use as the somber original purpose of Memorial Day. There has even been push to make May 30th the remembrance day rather than our current last Monday of the month holiday. It took on a whole new meaning when it became a holiday weekend of celebration.

It became the official start of the Summer season for the beaches and businesses. Even the prices of shoreline businesses are dictated by it. Everyone celebrates the beginning of the warm weather season with Memorial Day – with cook-outs and backyard and beach fun.

But the true meaning is not forgotten by those who have lost loved ones in Service to give you those freedoms. You are even free to forget them and take what you have for granted.

For those in somber reflection today – I see you. You matter and so do those you’ve lost. I am grateful that they have given me the freedoms that I have. The freedom to express my Faith in God. The freedom to express myself, to develop my own style of who I am. And yes, even the freedom to take for granted things that are not optional in other places around the globe. I am grateful to be allowed to be me.

If you know someone who has lost a friend or family member in Service – reach out with compassion for the pain that is amplified today. Perhaps they can share a bit of light that loved one held, the precious memories of them that hold an energy that lives on as they speak of them.

A soldier dies twice – the day their body dies, and the day they are no longer remembered. So if we’re going to celebrate, let’s celebrate them for taking the path of the Heroes Journey and making the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your service for us all.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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