Stand United

Election Day has now passed by us, but the race for the conclusion is still on. As ballots are counted, Americans have boarded up businesses in preparations as though a hurricane were headed their way, while others have taken to the streets. Families have divided and neighbors have taken up against neighbor, seeing only through a lens of red or blue. Is is really the final count that makes us who we are?

Aren’t we the same neighbors who would show their support if a child were facing chemo for cancer, or giving condolences if they lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s? We are a sum of our vulnerabilities and our reactions to them. We are not the anger we are showing the world. We cannot claim Patriotism to our country unless we stand united. We are responsible for our own actions, not those of our leaders. Those of you who fear for our future if the opposite side wins, need to remember the other side is as well.

Don’t let your frustrations dictate your actions that you will regret when you finally see clearly again. We are the United States of America, but to be that, we need to be united regardless of who wins or losses this race, or we all lose. Like it or not, we are all in this together.


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