Real Service

Regardless of what circumstances you are in, poor or wealthy, disabled or healthy, there is always someone you can help.

This is focused on Veterans

The holidays are upon us and people are starting to feel something Veterans and their families have felt intensely with no notice from us. They are apart from loved ones, sacrificing time in their lives to keep us safe. Can you do something besides waving a flag? Of course you can! You choose…..


The above video (please watch it) lists numerous organizations you can contact and offer assistance to, in whatever way and for however amount of effort and time you decide. You choose…..

If you are Blessed with money, you can purchase these and donate one or more to a Veteran’s organization or even a homeless Veteran sleeping in a cardboard box on the city streets. It could make the difference between life and death and it could have the impact of giving them hope that maybe, just maybe, they do matter after all.

If not the suit, then the Woobie, available on Amazon for instance, is a lined, wet-weather poncho that gives both physical comfort and shows their sacrifice at the same time. Ask a Vet you know about them. You choose…..

Can’t financially do that? How about creating a care package? Contact a Veteran’s Administration for a list of needed items and addresses. You choose…..

Can’t do that? How about buying some stamps and mailing some platoons an encouraging letter for Christmas and maybe even enclosing some stamps for them as gifts. You choose…..

If you would rather donate time, volunteers are always in need for a variety of tasks. Have an organizing talent? Get some companies to sponsor a drive for the above options or come up with your own ideas. The possibilities are only as limited as you make them. You choose…..

Not a doer? Say a prayer and then share this post. You never know who you could reach that could run with the ideas. But choose…..

“I don’t even like company coming anymore” says one mother of an overseas soldier, “anytime a car comes up the driveway, I’m scared it will be a Chaplin. It’s a mother’s worst nightmare”. There is always something we can choose to do to show our support.

These are just examples of what you can do to help, and ways to do it. They matter. Let them know that. You have the power. They choose for you, so you have a choice to choose for them. So choose…..

Written by Melody Belliveau

#MelodysEyes #Veterans #WeAreAllInThisTogether

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