Being Thankful…

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the Christmas shopping rush is on.  People tend to feel the pressure of the finances, the lists, and the crowds.  But take another pause.  Think about what you really are thankful for, beyond just Thanksgiving day.  The traditions you have carried forward from childhood, or even the traditions you have started with your own precious family.

Feed your soul with those thoughts whenever you start to feel overwhelmed.  The financial pressures will be there year in and out, and you will likely figure it out and last year’s pressures will be a distant memory.  But there are memories that will hold in your mind for years to come, and will be the ones that you hold very dear.  They are the little moments, the hugs of your loved ones, the scents of the pies you make that remind you of your childhood.

My grandson bragged to his friend how much he loved my pumpkin pies.  “Once you taste them, you’ll want to be here for Thanksgiving every year!”  I beamed with pride over that and let my mother know.  My response to him was that they were the same pies I grew up with.  I used to call her every year for the recipe because I always misplaced it.  This year when I called she assumed I was calling for the recipe.  It wasn’t.  I actually saved it in a good place but it wouldn’t be the same, making them without talking to her.  A tradition I will hold dear to my heart.

We all have something we can be thankful for, whether it’s the taste of a great cup of coffee, the warmth of your favorite sweatshirt, or even if it’s just the very breath we are able to draw.  Be still and feel it, and just be thankful.

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