The True Gift of The Season

It was a difficult holiday season for many, for a variety of reasons. Even family gatherings, or the lack of them, has left some with a bruised soul. But there is something we need to spread that goes beyond a virus or a limited perspective, and that’s the true spirit of Christmas and the new beginnings of 2022.

No matter which you center on, whether it be Santa Clause, Hanukah, or even Jesus himself, there are two things they all have in common – love and the energies it contains. Some see it as magic. Whatever you see it as, it’s real according to what you put out there. Children believe in Santa when they are young because they are led to, from the part of us that sees magic in the world. We celebrate the message of Christmas, not in what we give to others, but what we give to others of ourselves. The energy we give off flows to everyone on our path and if we are feeling simply the stress of it, we miss the very meaning of it all.

Your presence is your gift

The holiday itself may be over, but the message can be brought into the new year in our presence, in the moments for each other. Let your presence be your presents that will last beyond the year. It’s how we create deep moments that become precious memories. That is completely in our control by how much of a connection we take the time to make.

Have those heart-to-heart conversations with those you love. Tell them how they’ve touched your heart and let them know how much they matter to you. It doesn’t cost money or even require being in their physical presence. It only requires your undivided time. May the peace and love of Christmas be with you into the New Year.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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