The Unseen

I grew up with American pride in my country, pledging Allegiance to the Flag and singing the Star Spangled Banner with the words coming straight from my heart. Anything less seemed un-American. I was proud of my country. The 4th of July was always a big celebration when I was growing up. Home of the Free and the Brave.

But this year is different. We are the country with the most cases of a world-wide pandemic. Much of the country cancelled celebrations as a safety measure. It’s a virus that’s unseen until it causes suffering with the ability to kill. It has been successful at reaching around the globe. We are at the present time, banned from entering many other countries because of our status. Hard to take pride in us being the country with the most. We have people unwilling to even wear a mask to slow the spread. Do the people in other countries do the same? One should wonder.

Our second virus has been around since the beginning. It is one that is poisonous to the soul and it is denied until it is extreme. They don’t say with pride “I’m proud to be a racist!” even when it is in their hearts enough to be questioned by others. They tout it only when in each others presence, but they speak of it to us in their actions feeling somehow that is more acceptable then the words. So far they have been right.

We are in a nation where it has spread over the years like poison ivy, going unnoticed until one more infected member of a police force took it to the fatal extreme even while being recorded. Even he doesn’t yell “I’m a racist!” to those he faces. This is an injustice we all need to recognize. Once it’s seen it cannot be unseen and not acknowledging it is a nod of approval to the actions.

We could be a great nation. We have some incredible people who make up this country. The only way we are going to do that is to actually become United with Liberty and Justice for all as we pledge to. We have to start somewhere.

For the first time in my life, today makes me sad, not proud.

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