Message To The President

I thought this message was worth sharing. I hope you do as well.


I am aware, as America is, that today is your birthday. My wish for you, and for all of us, is that you take a break from everyone and spend some time alone with God. Did that Bible in your hand have meaning to you or was it really just a prop? You need time to disconnect with the world, however long it takes.

You have power. You have shown us that very clearly. What you chose to do with it should simply be a matter of doing what your heart knows is the right thing. We all need that in our soul.

You get plenty of hate from our country I’m sure, but you also have a hefty base that would follow you blindly to the edge of a cliff. Think of the impact you could have if you spoke only to make our nation a real United States! We are not united and have not been in a long time, if ever.

Please, you are our leader and what you say and do really does matter. I beg of you to take that pause and I will post this everywhere I can and hope that it gets shared and goes viral. Just maybe, deep down, most of us feel this way.

James chapters 2 & 3

Happy Birthday

Susan Ascott (pen name)

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