2019 – A Year of Rebirth

It has been a year full of challenges and changes for me.  I moved out of a town I had built a life in, to a town I knew no one but family.  For someone with PTSD and anxiety, that is no easy task.  New counselor (mental health treatment is important), new community connections, and just functioning outside the house were things that were extremely difficult.

I can remember how much energy it took to find the courage to walk to the post office around the corner to put in my change of address.  I was so proud of myself and feeling very silly for thinking that way.  I knew it was simply a baby step, but I knew it was at least a step.  Then the grocery store and local CVS to transfer my prescriptions.  I saw them as hard, but necessary steps that drained me to the core.

When I reflect on that, although I realize I have not yet managed to grab the proverbial brass ring, I have come far enough in this one year that I can be confident in facing my road ahead.  I genuinely want to be a better me in 2020 than I have ever been.  My New Year’s Resolutions are more structured goals that I will be pushing for until they become part of who I am.  I am indeed a work in progress, but no matter how slow it goes, I will keep taking those baby steps forward.

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