The Light of Hope

“Anything is Possible”

That’s the absolute definition of Hope. Are there things that you believe are not possible? Then you are right – they are not. But if you can believe they are …. then you expand the possibilities beyond the limitations.

So if that’s true – what is the one thing you would wish to spread in the world?

Personally I like to stretch the limits of the mind. To those who know me, I embrace the term “colorful” to describe who I am and what I am about. I believe in intent. You can spread any sense of energy around with your presence. So the one I choose to spread is Hope. I truly believe anything is possible. I’ve seen some of the miracles. Can you heal your body and your mind? Some of you reading this have shown me yourselves.

We are all are the Beacons of Light that brings Hope into view. Spread that light – and if the majority did, anything would be possible.

For me, I’m going to spread it around like touching powdered sugar and tracking it everywhere. Anywhere we are, we share the energy of light we believe in. Thoughts become things – I want to produce the light of Hope.

Fear is not what I want to spread so I refuse to let it control my actions. The most amazing Blessings are right outside our comfort zones ….

Especially when we believe anything is possible.

Take this with you today …. and just maybe, again tomorrow you’ll feel it.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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