Life Happens

I’ve wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember, well, at least since second grade when I wrote my first set of poems.  They were older than I was, and a decade more mature.  By fifth grade when the teacher gave two page story homework assignments, I was writing 12-page mystery stories that she would read to the class.  I knew I was born to write.

By high school I was taking journalism classes and thought for sure I would become a successful journalist, but life tends to happen when you’re making other plans.  Although I finished high school, I discovered the party scene that made me feel so much less dorky, an illusion for sure!  It cost me several jobs and took me down some wrong roads.  I was very blessed though, because despite being my own worst enemy, I always met some amazing people along the way.

I did at one point, with the help of a good friend and a publisher willing to take a chance on me, taste the career I had been dreaming of with articles in a local newspaper as a freelance writer.  It was amazing.  But life happens and as I struggled to keep a roof over my children’s heads and be the best Mom I could be, my journalism career went to the back burner to simmer with hopes of someday bringing back to full boil.

I raised a wonderful family and gained wisdom through life’s challenges and once my health complications got the best of me, it was time once again to face my passion and light a fire under that career.  But it could no longer be done by typewriter and correction ribbon.  It is a new age of computers that make this field both easier and more complicated.  As life has shown me though, the best teacher is trial and error.  I have no doubt those of you who are computer savvy will spot errors in my technique so I only ask that you have patience with me and maybe pick up a tidbit or two that could enrich your life and maybe even stir up a passion in you.  We live our lives, but we thrive on our passions.

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