We Trust Together

An example of how we are all in this together:

Your family pet, otherwise called “a family member” gives love with no limitations. Sometimes something happens to them and you have to leave them at an animal hospital in the hands of others. What is on both your mind and theirs is simply – I don’t feel good and I can’t be with my Mom and family. It cuts you more than a physical wound. Are they spending their time with someone who sees how special they are? Will they comfort them while they are scared with no one they know?

Those in the field:

Thank you a million times for caring enough to be there for our Bane. Our trust is in you and your gentle, loving care. He is the personification of love and we reflect that back on him with how much he is loved. We trust that you will see it in him too because he is our sweet and lovable furry toddler, our child. When it counts the most, we are indeed, in this together.

Written By Melody Belliveau

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