A Matter Of Choice

We have a great opportunity here that we are wasting. Freedom to choose not to wear a mask vs those who feel it should be a nationwide mandate for safety concerns has been an ongoing conflict. It has become a political vs health battle. So how do we spin it into an opportunity? How can you get behind it if you are against it? Screaming health at you won’t work. Freedom of choice is too dominant in your position. What if your freedom of choice is the answer?

Everyone has a cause they believe in from pet adoption to Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Research. Shriner’s Hospital and Veteran organizations are great examples. What if we made our masks a message of that? You would be able to show everyone who sees you the cause you stand behind. Awareness and donations to your choice of support could go up as a result. Remember the success the bucket challenge had for ALS? It’s a win-win situation. We could take this conflict and turn it into something the whole world could take notice of and set an unprecedented example moving forward.

Shut-ins with high risk could become our new Betsy Rosses with a talent and a purpose that could even have the effect on them of building their immune systems. Where is the downside?

Compassion not contempt

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