Happy Birthday

I don’t think you could possibly understand just what we are missing. My heart aches for our absence today. This is the only way I can allow myself to reach out and yet I will probably never even know if you see it. That breaks my heart. Regardless of that, you will always be in my heart and no amount of anger or pain could ever change that for a child. But I have written this through tears because the fact is, I really don’t know if I truly am in yours. Have I ever really been? The answer will more than likely never be known.

I grew up knowing that I did not have that something special. Rather I was a serious burden. That belief shaped many of the mistakes I have made in my life. I am not trying to hurt you, I am trying to reach your soul. There are others who feel as I do and my soul hurts for them. The inner child who sits wounded year after year with no one to notice. She is in you too, and I see your pain. You need to see her. Understand that she is relevant and heal her wounds. The anger you hold inside is a scar you’ve never faced and you don’t even see it.

I wish I could share my climb with you, along with the struggles and the triumphs. I wanted to share what’s going on in my life. I wanted to be able to talk, really talk, about everything and I’m sure you need that too.

I hope you find something today that feeds your heart and gives you the peace every soul needs. I pray you find a way to heal and find your true path. You still have a God-given purpose.

Happy Birthday

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