Putting Out a Hand…

Reaching out a hand

There are times when the universe calls out to ask for a helping hand. We are given so many chances for it we don’t even see it sometimes. It opens the chance for someone else to see something they may need along the way of their journey. We all have a purpose and sometimes we are a branch outstretched to help or outstretched to receive. After you read this, could you reflect on possibilities in your life? Sometimes we are Blessed with signs of guidance, and it is a gift for it to be both in the same instance.

I can give you a little story that is an example of a possibility:

While cleaning my work space on my Saturday routine, I came across a printout from several years ago (2017) of “16 Personalities” where I had taken the personality test. I had been pleased with my results as it was a nod to who I felt I was inside. I searched my emails for the remaining results I had not printed. I reread the ones I had, and felt it was even more true to who I am now, at least in my pursuits of life.

The next day, personality tests were the topic of a live feed I was randomly watching. I responded to one comment and I hope he did something with it, even if only out of shear curiosity based on my response. Could that have helped steer him into a fulfilling future? Maybe….. that’s good enough for me. I gave the possibility of #IWillHelpOne with my presence. Was I meant to help him with direction? Maybe….. The possibility is there. I don’t know him or even remember his name and it doesn’t matter if he even noticed mine. It is irrelevant.

Tool to help

Perhaps you won’t remember where you read this, but my hope is you look it up and take the test because you’re curious too. Could it be a tool for you as well? Wouldn’t it be great if it helped you with a focus and you shared it with others too?

Popping up along the path

Upon reflection, maybe you can find an example of how someone has either, given you a piece of what you needed in your life, or a time you have offered it out. I hope it makes you more aware of the possibilities when they pop up along your path. It is how we are truly all in this together.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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