The Super Bowl

Today is the Super Bowl.  If you’re workplace is like most, you hear the excitement from co-workers whether or not you are a fan.  For those that are not, you are missing out on more than just a sport.  Team pride or team opposition can be a source of unity.  Those willing to be a fan of an opposing team find a source of strength to stand out tend to wear the team’s memorabilia with a smile regardless of the of the fallout.  That gives us all a chance to teach the next generation the true meaning of good sportsmanship and the ability to choose freely who you want to call your favorite team.

If you’re lucky enough to choose the team that crosses the victory line, cinching it in the last quarter and often in the last five minutes of the game, well there is nothing like it!  When you are, even moving across the country doesn’t change your loyalties.  You are a fan for life and now you are proud to be the opposition!   If time finds you later in life becoming a fan, you will look back at the thrill you missed in those workplaces with regret, I promise you.

Many people choose to broaden their horizons by checking out the opera or ballet, just to have the experience and to see if they might like it.   There is another option.  Check out the thrill of a sport.  You might surprise yourself.  Maybe you’ll even end up wearing a jersey of your own for the next Super Bowl.

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