Own It

Wisdom will tell you in order to get right, you have to reflect on the things you’ve done wrong.  Know they are wrong and make a change.  That requires owning it and it’s not always easy.  It takes integrity and strength to really look.  It has the reward of building character and strengthening your essence of right and wrong.  This is true, not just for an individual, but for your community and your country.

Are you a Dad fighting about child support?  Perhaps you should look at it another way.  “What do they need?”  That’s part of your responsibility.  Own it.

There is a major conflict in the BLM and police reform.  Why is it a battle?  You have the greatest assets at your disposal to fix the problem.  You have honorable black protesters trying to voice the changes that are a need.  You have a majority of honorable police that have to be as frustrated about the problem as the civilians are.  Take the best of each together and let them work out the changes that need to be made.

Create changes that require those who are the problem to own it.  Make them face it by pulling them from the ranks, not to be shamed, but to teach.  Find a way to show them.  (Maybe American History X would be a good starting point)  There is no stronger force against something than someone who has been on the other side.  Lessons learned are a powerful tool to bring unity.  Find a way to get there.

The public will be behind you if you can make that your focus.  This is not a football game where you need a line of defense.

Protesters – you have a purpose and a side of it you need you need to voice.  Honorable Police Officers – you have seen and actually understand their frustrations.  If you do not, you should not be included.  You cannot be truthful and say we see no problem here.  You would either be blind to it, or part of it.  Sit together and come up with changes together.  You have it in you.

That’s how we change the world and make it a better place to live.

#MelodysEyes  #CompassionNotContempt


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