Casting a Vote for Our Future

The past few elections have been votes based on who people hated less. It wasn’t about belief in the candidate we chose, it was about how much we detested the opponent. We chose by colors and waves for red or blue with contempt for the other side. All that does is bring greater divides. It doesn’t have to be that way.

For our voting system to matter in its true spirit, it needs to be about who shows us the best character, the one with outstanding integrity that you see. One who will do their best for the country as a whole – not just one side of the divide. Are they looking for power, or do they genuinely care about those on every street? American Pride must include us all.

Do they place their votes while in office based on what’s good for our country, or is it based on party lines? We cannot say that either side has not been right or come up with good ideas at least part of the time. Both have value and need to work together. Votes in office on party lines is a failure to work together. Does that make them blind to what the other side can do that’s good?

Ballots received by mail

Getting ballots in the mail can be a great opportunity if we look at the benefit it gives the voter. We can research who they really are before choosing. The majority of people don’t know ahead of time all of the candidates listed on the ballot before choosing. This gives you the chance to know with the time to choose wisely, with open eyes.

Then you have a choice of how you want to deliver it, either by mail or town hall or drop box. If you bring it in, remember to show kindness to the workers. They have taken on a job that we as a nation, have turned into a dangerous position. What does that say about us? Don’t be part of that. Use your own character and integrity to show them support and kindness. Show gratitude that they are willing to serve us. Being in service to others does not mean they lack value that’s worthy of respect – on the contrary. Sometimes it requires an an admirable amount of patience to serve through the disrespect, and that’s a reflection on the public they serve. Let’s change that together and in the words of Peter Clarke, “Just be kind out there”.

So go out there and vote with character and integrity, and spread the energy of hope, rather than an energy of hate. Our country really needs that more than ever now.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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