Remembering With Cause

9/11 We will never forget

Twenty years ago, our country was thrown into a state of unity through shock, horror, sadness and grief. A day that started out as simply routine in our busy lives. Those who were here remember exactly where they were when the unimaginable became a reality. Many watched live in horror, while others watched from live TV breaking news.

We responded with compassion and vulnerability for each other, and American pride sprang up in an instant and a unity took place that is rarely seen. The tragedy was bitter but there was a light that came into view because of it.

The Heroes Journey

Our first responders, veterans, and even civilians dove into the role of the heroes journey in an instant, working beyond normal capabilities. Many gave their lives selflessly and other family generations grew as a result of those that had been saved.


Videos and photographs have been shared through the day that brought tears to many eyes. The Grand Ole Opry did an Opry Livestream tribute in partnership with The Wounded Warriors Project. Songs were sung and words were spoken that could be felt in one’s soul. I Dare You To Love was one of those songs. I take up the challenge and ask you to do the same.

Can we make this remembrance a chance to put down our differences and feel our shared vulnerabilities that were once raw in our very beings? Can we stop seeing each other through the lens of divide and contempt for each other? Don’t look at each other as red or blue, black or white, native or immigrant to look down on.

The left out

We left out a group of Americans and visitors to our country following that event. We saw them , not by their soul or character, but by the resemblance to our enemy. We scorned them instead of embracing them with empathy for what they were also going through. Can we look at them now and see their soul? Can we use this reverence to welcome in the refugees we’ve taken in now? They feel the terror of war and are in need of making this their country and home.

Who we are

We are capable of it. We have seen what we are made of. We can make it even more powerful than it was 20 years ago. In the present climate, it’s a challenge that will take intention. Let us hold on to it for longer than a day, a week a month or even a year, or maybe even 20. Today showed us we can. I dare you to love, better than you ever have before.

Let’s let our military and first responders know how much we appreciate all that they do, because when we need them, they are there. Support our heroes……..

And never forget those we’ve lost. They matter and so do you.

Written by Melody Belliveau

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