The Blessings of a Struggle

Reflect on the struggles

When you reflect on the struggles of the past, do you ever wonder about what would have helped you, or was there someone that was a Godsend to you? What did you do with that when it was no longer a struggle for you? Many organizations and support groups are founded on that premise. I found myself on the end of a struggles that became a humiliation. If you finish reading this (even if it’s out of pure curiosity), you will understand the share.

The Point of Struggle

I found myself short at the cash register of our local grocery store (not an uncommon thing for many) but after using 2 cards and my change, along with the pennies left behind by others, I still had to put back a package of Ramen Noodles. The epitome of humiliation as others looked on. I cried while walking home and asked God (we talk a lot) why he had allowed me to go through that. He answered me right away, knowing my feeling of failure. It was the only way he could show me what he wanted me to see.

Discovery Begins

There was a need in my community he wanted me to address. My call to action was planned before I even reached home. When I got my next (and it will be a continuing thing) I went to the same store, to the courtesy booth and purchased several of their gift cards and called the manager over and asked him to please give them to the cashiers to use when someone needs to put something back.


The Point

Because what if there is someone out there that is struggling and feels the humiliation of putting something back as the final straw of no hope? What if that small token can make them feel some of the good there still is and it is the nod they need to keep pushing on? My desire is for them to know they matter and help them keep a sense of hope.

Following His Purpose For Me

Please do not let your takeaway from this be how nice it was of me. It was just me listening to God’s direction. Sometimes he leads us where we don’t want to go for a purpose. All we have to do is ask him. He allowed it because he knew my response would not be anger at him, or cursing him, but rather questioning him. I am grateful he allowed me to serve that purpose.

Inspiration to Answer a Call

Let your takeaway be inspiration to watch for something you can do, from an experience that you might have (or have had) where you see it’s purpose. I know I missed this one more than once on that lesson.

We Really Are All In This Together

Written By Melody Belliveau With special thanks to Stephen De Sede for the encouragement to share it.

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