And the World Watched…

The Verdict

Today was an important day, not only for the United States, but for the world as well. A man (whether you think he was walking the wrong path in life or not) was given justice in his death that meant much to many. Perhaps that was his purpose in life, beyond the mortality of it, and as a point, because of it.

His Destiny

His destiny, created a unity and a change that parallels Martin Luther King Jr. Our circumstances do not negate the fact that we all have a purpose. You can look down on George Floyd if you choose. It does not change the impact of his life. This jury chose to show the world EVERY black life matters. By doing so, they chose right from wrong not blue verses black. Our constitution was adopted on Everyone, not just a selected few. It is incoherent that there is a mind set that not every soul does.

Look at the right and wrong of the actions nothing more because that is all we have in this. This is what destiny of change looks like. It is the bigger picture and anyone who minimizes what this means, minimizes the impact. Even Derek Chauvin in his wrongs did much for equality, even if simply to emphasize the traumatizing lack of it.

Our Divide

The unrest, divide, and anger is growing, not only in our country, but around the world. We as “humankind” hold the control……Be…..Kind…… It’s in our united race.

There isn’t a race or label out there that doesn’t have a soul and a purpose. Using the examples of wrong can create an impact of right, but only, by our choice of actions. We need to treat others like they matter, because they do.

Written By Melody Belliveau

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